The Ultimate Guide to 918Kiss Bonuses: Boost Your Winning Potential!

Boosting your winnings through bonuses is one of the fastest and easiest ways to have more wins at an online casino. The more money you have in your 918Kiss account, the better it gets for you, as now you will have the feasibility to play a greater variety of games without having to worry about your funds. 

Most of the casinos online don’t offer much to their players the minutest of bonuses, but at 918Kiss, it’s all for the players. The casino ensures that they come with the best offers for the players and gamers make the most out of their bonuses. This way, it’s easier for the players to have a boosted winning potential. 

If the bonuses offered by 918Kiss are utilized to their utmost limit, it’s easy to conclude that players can have a headstart through these offers. So what are the different types of bonuses that can boost your winning potential as a player? 

If that’s the question on your mind, you are reading the right guide. Here we will be covering some of the best bonuses offered by 918Kiss which will help you boost your winning potential. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the prime discussion!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an additional percentage deposited into your 918Kiss account every time you topped up? Well, no one can say no to more money especially when you are playing at an online casino and 918Kiss understands this better than any other online casino out there. 

Out of the many bonuses available to players at the online casino, the reload bonus is something you, as a player, should never miss out on. You can use the reload bonus once a day, every day as long as you fulfill all the terms and conditions of the offer. 

To apply for the 50% reload bonus, all you need to do is navigate to the promotions section of the online casino and click on the reload bonus. Once you have clicked on the offer, you need to enter the amount you need to deposit. The minimum deposit required for this bonus is MYR 50. 

After you have entered the amount, hit transfer and the amount will be transferred to your 918Kiss wallet from your main account. The amount you want to transfer will be deposited into your account instantly and will be now usable. However, you should know that the maximum amount of money players can get is MYR 500. 

Pro tip: If you want to make the most out of this offer, you should deposit MYR 1000, this way you will get MYR 500 as a bonus. But only make such high deposits when you are a regular player at the online casino and know how to play.

Lastly, ensure that you have covered the minimum turnover of 7x.   After you have reached the turnover value you can withdraw the bonus along with the amount you have deposited!

  • The Referral Bonus Of 918Kiss

If you are someone who’s influential and has a massive social circle then this is the bonus you shouldn’t be missing out on. The referral bonus is an indirect bonus that awards players when someone from their referral link joins the online casino. 

The player joining wouldn’t have to pay anything for it but the player who invited their referral will get awarded by 918Kiss. All you need for this bonus is to have a social circle that can join the online casino through your referral link. 

Furthermore, you need to know that if the player you have invited doesn’t join through your referral link for any reason, you won’t be getting anything from this bonus. To ensure that the players you invite all join from your referral link.

However, once the player you have invited joins with your referral link, you won’t be instantly awarded anything right away. The person who joined has to make a minimum deposit of MYR 500 and once the deposit is made, the person who referred the player at 918Kiss gets MYR 50. 

Furthermore, the deposit has to be made within 60 days of joining the casino. Though initially getting just MYR 50 with one player might not seem to up the mark if you can get more players to the casino, the amount increases. 

Perhaps, the best part about this bonus is that you don’t only get MYR 50 when someone deposits MYR 500. It gets better as players who decide to stick around and play more at 918Kiss are beneficial for you.

If the players you have invited play and make at least 15 deposits and achieve a turnover of 3x, then you end up getting MYR 400 from the players. Furthermore, if the player makes a minimum of 30 deposits and gets a turnover of 3x, you would get MYR 800 from 918Kiss as a bonus.

  • 150% Welcome Bonus Of 918Kiss

Are you someone who’s planning to join 918Kiss but hasn’t initiated anything yet? If that’s you, then the welcome bonus can be the ideal motivation for you to join the online casino. If you feel like the funds you have are not sufficient for playing at 918Kiss, then the welcome bonus can be a great aid for you. 

The welcome bonus is a one-time deposit bonus that players can use before they have made their first deposit. The bonus gets players an additional percentage of 150% on their deposited amount of money. The maximum amount of money that a player can get through this bonus is MYR 800. 

To claim this bonus, all you need to do is go to the promotions section and tap on the welcome bonus before making your first deposit. Once you have tapped on the offer, enter the amount you want to deposit and then tap on transfer. 

The amount along with the bonus will be transferred to your 918Kiss account. However, before withdrawing, you would need to achieve a turnover of 8x. Once the turnover is achieved, the amount can be withdrawn back to your main account.


918Kiss is an online casino loaded with bonuses that can boost your winning potential. However, it’s up to you and you can make the most out of the offers of the online casino. So whichever bonus offer you decide to redeem, ensure that you have read the terms and conditions of the offer thoroughly to understand the offer from all angles.

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