The Rise of Mega888: A New Era of Online Gambling

Online gambling platforms have been on the rise for quite a while. The concept of playing casino games online is still fascinating to a lot of players. This is mainly because who would have thought that playing at an online casino could be as entertaining and as comforting as playing at a land-based casino? 

While land-based casinos are dethroned every day, the rise of new online casinos is inevitable. However, the major problem with online casinos these days is that most of these gambling platforms don’t have much to offer to the players. 

There’s no harm in settling for a mediocre online casino but why would you settle for one if you have a casino like Mega888 out there? 

Mega888 is a reliable, and safe online casino that has been offering its online gambling services to the players of Asia. The casino is pitch perfect and you won’t face any inconvenience while playing at the gambling platform. 

How can we be so sure that  Mega888 is “The” online casino for you? Many reasons can help you conclude that Mega888 is one of the online casinos that is the benchmark of a new era. 

Not only the players but the features of the online casino speak for themselves. Here we will be covering some of the key features of Mega888 which makes it better than other online gambling platforms. So without further ado, let’s get started!

There are a lot of perks players get by playing at Mega888. But one of the best parts(if not the best) of playing at Mega888 has to be their test IDs. The concept of test IDs is simple yet most of the online casinos available out there won’t have test IDs on their platform. 

If you are confused with “What exactly is a test ID?” Then you should know that a test ID is a replica of an original ID which you will find at Mega888. What’s different about the test ID is that all the games in a test ID are accessible to the players for FREE! Players don’t have to pay a penny from their pocket to experience games on the test ID. 

However, in a test ID, your winnings or losing will be uncounted as you won’t be getting anything out of the test ID except for experience. The test ID is perfect for players who want to explore their way around the casino and want to enjoy new games for free.

These IDs can also help you develop new gameplay strategies, enjoy different games, and ensure that you fully understand the mechanics of the game before you invest real money into it. This also helps players develop trust at Mega888 and ensures that players are well aware of what they are doing.

Now that we have covered the basics of the test ID, let’s get on with the details that you must know about these IDs. At Mega888, there are exactly ten thousand test IDs. 

Players are free to use any test ID they like from username “test1” to “test10000”. The password of these IDs is “Aa1234”. However, if a test ID is already in use by another player or you ran out of coins in your test ID, in that case, you are free to change your test ID to a new one.

  • Mega888 Supports Transactions In Cryptocurrency

One of the best parts about playing at Mega888 is that the online casino is considerate of its options for players. Mega888 ensures that it gives the players all that they need when it comes to making transactions. Since it’s all online, it would be disappointing not to have an option to play using cryptocurrency. 

Though there are secure payment gateways like EeziePay and Help2Pay, the technology is evolving faster and that’s why Mega888 ensures that players can also use cryptocurrency as a mode of transactions at the online casino. You can find the transaction options for crypto under the withdrawing tab at Mega888. 

Players can also find the exchange rate the casino is offering for various cryptocurrencies. However, when withdrawing cryptocurrency from the online casino, players have to fill out a form and add their address along with all the other details that the casino requires from the players. 

Furthermore, you will also be given a specific time for the frozen exchange rates, so ensure that you make your decisions timely. Currently, Mega888 is offering three different types of cryptocurrency; Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum and players can make transactions through these three currencies any way they like. 

  • Mega888 Looks Out For Their Players

Mega888 might be a rising online casino but that doesn’t mean that the casino doesn’t know how to run things around. Various features make Mega888 a casino that is worth playing at, perhaps, the one that is the most beneficial for the players is the casino’s customer support. 

The customer support at Mega888 is one of the best compared to any other online casino. The customer support team is always available to the players 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so players can ask their queries at their convenience.

The customer support team has gained trust amongst gamblers and it’s due to their responsiveness, professionalism, and their will to help the players stay out of all sorts of trouble. Perhaps the best part about the customer support team of Mega888 is that it’s available to the players on various platforms. 

Players are not limited to a single platform to contact the customer support team. This is to ensure that the traffic stays balanced and players don’t end up in long queues just to talk to the customer support team. 

The team of Mega888 is available for the players on various platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, and Email. It gets better as players are not bound to communicate in English and can talk in different languages as per their preferences. Some of the languages that are supported at Mega888 are Chinese, Malay, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Cantonese, and Hokkien.


Online casinos are the future of gambling. But when choosing an online casino, you need to make the right choice for yourself. A casino like Mega888 can be your ideal casino as they have everything a player can ask for. From test IDs to customer support, Mega888 has everything a player wants. Click here to learn how to install mega888 on iphone.

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