Progressive Jackpots: Chasing the Big Wins in Online Pokies

In the gambling world, every player dreams of a big win that can change his life forever. Progressive jackpots are among the most exciting and exciting opportunities for those who want to try their luck and win millions of dollars. It seems this is a fabulous chance, but nowadays, it is available to everyone thanks to online casinos. In this article, we’ll cover how progressive jackpots work, where to find them, and how to increase your chances of winning. Are you ready to venture into the exciting world of gambling and try your luck?

Understanding Progressive Jackpots

The main difference between progressive slot machines and traditional slots is how the maximum payout is calculated.

Traditional slot machines offer payouts that are multiplied by your bet amount. The multiplier amount is fixed, so the only way to get a bigger prize is to bet big up front. Everyone who plays at the maximum bet has the same opportunity to win the largest jackpot.

Progressive jackpots are not fixed. They keep growing until someone hits the jackpot. Then, they return to the base amount and begin to grow again. A small portion of each bet, usually around 15%, is set aside for the jackpot. The size of the progressive slot jackpot constantly changes depending on the bets made and the prizes paid out.

The best progressive slots in the best online pokies casino for Australia have a guaranteed minimum payout. As long as you have this, you will always win more than what the main game offers.

Popular Progressive Jackpot Pokies

The following games have an outstanding reputation not only for their outstanding gameplay, quality graphics, and captivating themes but also for some of the biggest jackpot wins since the advent of online gambling.

Mega Fortune. If you like progressive slot machines, you’ve probably heard of the Mega Fortune slot machine from NetEnt. Filled with elegant and expensive symbols, the game gives you a glimpse of what life could be like if you hit its progressive jackpot. Look on the bright side: you can win a massive jackpot by playing the famous slot.

Mega Moolah. How about an African safari filled with cute animals that will dominate your reels? This is what to expect from Microgaming’s Mega Moolah reels. Mega Bonus jackpots happen frequently, but now and then, the winner takes home the most. How about spinning the reels of this slot and walking away with a massive jackpot?

Hall of the Gods. How about another NetEnt offer with a remarkable jackpot you can hit while the gods look on? This is what is offered on the Hall of Gods reels.

How Progressive Jackpots Work

A progressive jackpot starts from a base level, with each bet on the machine increasing by the specified bet until the jackpot is hit. Before paying out, the game master must ensure he can offer the base jackpot again after resetting the game. Part of the amount of each bet is used to update the base jackpot, and the rest is used to increase its progressive component. When the base jackpot is “recharged,” which happens quickly in popular games, it all goes toward creating jackpot components. This is the reason why many players do not want to play immediately after paying out the slot.

Contrary to what some players think, there is no reason for a slot not to pay out soon after a reset. The game is likely to pay off immediately after the reset and after several months of no payout. In any case, it is a truism that progressive jackpots become significantly more attractive after they have been developed for some time.

The Appeal of Progressive Jackpots

The appeal of progressive jackpots lies in the case of financial growth and the emotions and feelings they produce. The goal of winning a life-changing amount in a single spin brings excitement and expectation that few other forms of recreation can reach. This emotional roller coaster, coupled with the accessibility of online slots, makes progressive jackpots a compelling attraction for a broad spectrum of players.

In addition, knowledge sharing improves the attractiveness of progressive jackpots. As the jackpot increases and evolves more widely discussed, players share stories about those who won and speculate about when the next big payout might come. This social excitement further fuels the desire to participate and try your fortune.

Strategies for Playing Progressive Jackpots

Providing a surefire way to win a progressive jackpot is difficult and impossible. However, there are some very simple tips on increasing your chances of winning and ensuring you win big when you finally get lucky and win. According to Robert Reynolds, chief editor of Haus, here are some of them:

  • Your bet is already lost: you are playing for fun, not to win. Set a limit for the night and stick to it. Never chase your winnings. Games exist to pass the time.
  • If you want to play longer and enjoy the game, choose a slot with a high RTP (Return to Player – return to the player. The higher the percentage, the more frequent and larger the winnings). For example, the progressive jackpot at the Goxbet online casino has one of the best payout percentages.
  • Decide what is more exciting for you: large or several smaller jackpots, and try to distribute your playing time equally.
  • Take some time to research the different progressive jackpots and choose the one you think is most likely to win. This won’t make a big difference, but it will add an element of skill while playing.
  • If you discover new games you like, play them anyway, just because of tip #1! Spend time playing games that you enjoy and feel you can afford.

Big Winners and Success Stories

We have always heard stories about people winning big jackpots or cash prizes. Some of these stories are just legends, but some of them are true. Let’s take a look at the five biggest wins ever achieved at an online casino:

  • Mega Fortune – $13.5 million. At night at the end of September 2011, a player from Norway decided to play his favorite Mega Fortune slot machine. As a result, he hit the jackpot of 11.7 million euros. (approximately US$13.47 million).
  • Mega Moolah – $17.2 million. In 2015, a British soldier named Jonathon Heywood won a huge jackpot of £13.2 million. At that time, it was equal to 17.2 million dollars. According to reports, Haywood won the jackpot after spending just 25 cents. Victory came to him in the Mega Moolah Progress Jackpot game.
  • Mad: Mega Moolah – $23.6 million. In the spring of 2021, a player from Belgium sat down to play his favorite slot machine, Absolutely Mad: Mega Moolah. After a few games, they hit the jackpot in the Alice in Wonderland-themed slot. A lucky slot machine fan won over $23.6 million.

Networked Progressive Jackpots

Network progressives offer the biggest jackpots. These are also understood as “global” progressive systems and are linked in numerous casinos. The same global jackpot can be presented in additional brands of slot machines. Nevertheless, all training bets pay the same large jackpot. The odds of winning an online jackpot are slim, but the rewards can be tremendous. Thanks to the Internet,  these jackpots can earn funds from a network of experiencing casinos that host the same games. Thousands of players can end up contributing to the online jackpot.

Risks and Considerations

Jackpot games are very prevalent, and casinos usually present quite a broad selection. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that you can only play with licensed gambling platforms. Otherwise, you risk losing your money. By partnering with official platforms, you can hope to win. It’s also essential to remember that some jackpot games have a minimum bet limit to qualify for the jackpot prize, so you should always double-check the payout table before playing for real money just to be sure that you can potentially assert first place

Progressive Jackpots and Mobile Gaming

Progressive jackpot slots are among the most popular games that can be played at reputed online casinos and are positively desired by players due to their massive winning potential. These slots are usually linked in a jackpot network so that all experiencing participants contribute to the prize pools of additional online casinos that use the same software developer. To further enhance the appeal of their progressive slot games, the software giants have decided to adapt some of their most favored jackpot slots for play on mobile devices, allowing keen players to enjoy the games no matter the time or place.

They have optimized their best-known creative solutions for diverse portable devices running on the widely used iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems.


In conclusion, progressive jackpots are a fun and exciting way to try to win big money at online casinos. They offer many opportunities for players to try their luck and win millions of dollars. But remember that playing in a casino is always a risk, so remember to play responsibly and smartly. If you follow our tips and choose a good casino with a good reputation, you can enjoy the game and possibly win a big jackpot. Also, be aware of the restrictions and rules to help you play responsibly and avoid financial problems.

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