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Getting Familiar with the Forgotten Arts and Crafts Design Style

In the design space, trends and fads come and go, but certain design styles stand the test of time and establish themselves as evergreen. One such timeless style is the Arts and Crafts design movement. While it may not be as widely recognised today as some other design styles, it has a rich history and a unique charm that continues to captivate those who appreciate craftsmanship and simplicity in their home decor.

The Arts and Crafts movement began in the late 19th century in England as a response to the industrial revolution. This movement sought to revive traditional artisanal techniques and emphasised using natural materials like wood and metal. Critical elements of Arts and Crafts design include clean lines, simple forms, and a focus on the intrinsic beauty of materials.

One of the hallmarks of Arts and Crafts design is its emphasis on handmade lighting designs. Chandeliers and table lamps crafted in this style are functional and lend to your space’s aesthetic value. These fixtures often feature intricate metal work, such as wrought iron or brass, adding elegance to any room. The chandelier lights  are designed to cast a warm, inviting glow, making them perfect for dining rooms or entryways, while Arts and Crafts table lamps provide soft, ambient lighting ideal for reading nooks and bedside tables. 

When it comes to picking chandeliers inspired by the Arts and Crafts style, you’ll find a plethora of options to choose from. Many feature geometric patterns and motifs inspired by nature, such as leaves, flowers, and vines. These designs seamlessly try to create a connection with the outside world. Some Arts and Crafts chandeliers incorporate colourful stained glass shades, creating a beautiful interplay of light and colour in the room. 

On the other hand, arts and Crafts table land often boasts unique silhouettes with shades made from materials like mica, which diffuses light softly. The bases are typically crafted out of solid wood, showcasing the natural grain and texture of the timber. These lamps exude a cosy, inviting ambience, perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any room. Find the finest table lamps in Mumbai right here.

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