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Things You Should Know About AC Repair in Dayton

If it gets warm where you live, you probably have an air conditioner. Air conditioners are great for keeping your home cool, until they stop working. It’s usually when you need it most when it stops working. 

There are times when you should have your AC checked to make sure that things are going as they should. You should have it checked before you begin to use it for the season. If you are having any issues, you should have it checked, as well. 

There are many places that you can call to get AC work done. If you live in Dayton, OH A.C. repair can be easy to find. You can just do a search for air conditioner repair and find the one that is best for you. 

This article will help you to learn about air conditioner repair. It will help you to know when you should call a technician. You can also do more research to find the information that you need. 

When to Call an Air Conditioner Technician

When There Could Be a Fire Hazard –

If you don’t have regular maintenance done on your unit, you could be risking a fire. There are many working parts that are in your AC that could fail at any moment and many of these parts could start a fire: https://cbs6albany.com/news/local/how-to-prevent-your-air-conditioner-from-being-a-major-fire-hazard. If you do routine maintenance, you can catch these issues before they get dangerous. 

When It Becomes a Health Problem –

Dirty air conditioners can cause health problems for many people. There are several diseases that can be caused by dirty ACs, including those caused by mold and mildew in the unit. If you regularly clean your unit, you won’t need to worry about those diseases. 

When You Have Leaky Ducts –

When you feel that your unit isn’t working up to its ability, you should have your ducts checked. There could be leaks in them that need to be fixed. You could lose up to 40% of your capacity if these are not fixed. 

When the Coils Need Cleaned –

Cleaning your coils can also increase your capacity. You can do this on your own, but you need to remember that you shouldn’t touch them with your hands. Learn more about cleaning your coils here. There is a spray that you can use to clean them to avoid causing more damage to them. You could also call a professional out to clean them for you. 

When You Might Need a New Unit –

When you have done all the repairs that you can and your AC still isn’t working, it might be time to get a new one. You need to check to see if the new AC has an Energy Efficiency Rating, or EER, to make sure that you are getting the one that you need. If you live in a humid climate, you might also want to add a dehumidifier. 

When You Need Increased Efficiency –

There are many ways to increase the efficiency of your unit. Covering windows with heavy, dark curtains is one way, as well as using exhaust fans. If you are thinking about replacing your roof, you could opt for a “cool” roof that could save you as much as a half-ton of cooling. 

When You Need Better Ventilation –

You need to make sure that you ventilate your home for you air conditioner to work correctly. Proper ventilation makes sure that there are no contaminants in your home. You should have ventilation levels so that the air in your home is exchanged every four hours. 

When You Should Check Your Condensers –

The condenser is the part of your air conditioner that is outside the home :https://www.globalspec.com/learnmore/building_construction/hvac/cooling/condensers.  You need to make sure that there is at least a foot of clearance all the way around your condenser to ensure that it works as it should. They should also be placed on the north or the east side of the house to ensure that it is protected from direct sunlight. 

When You Need a Timer –

Having a timer on your unit will allow it to work more efficiently, as well. These timers can be used when you are not at home or will be gone for a little while. They can turn off your AC when you are not at home and turn back on when you are home. 

When You Need to Change Your Filters –

You need to change your filters at least once a year before the hot season starts. There are filters that you can clean and don’t need to be changed as often. Filters will keep all the particles in your home’s air and help to keep the air cleaner. 


There are many things that you must do to make sure that your air conditioner will work correctly. If you don’t keep up on these things, you will need to replace it. You want to keep your air conditioner working properly, so you need to do routine maintenance.

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