Bad Beats In Online Poker Game: What It Is And How to Overcome Bad Beats?

Poker is not only a game of luck but a game of skills, too. Players have been practicing this game globally for many years in offline casinos. The sudden increase in online casino Malaysia has brought a great shift in poker gambling. Almost 40 million people, or 6.8% of the net population play poker daily. The online poker market has already increased by 43% during the lockdown. It shows how popular the game is.

However, you must have read about the term ‘bad beats’ or heard about it. Well, here we are not going to discuss the jazz song ‘Bad Beats’ but the ones we witness in poker games. Let us walk you through the definition and how you can overcome it.

What Are Bad Beats In Poker?

The online poker market is already $96.2 billion and will hit a whopping $170 billion by 2030. During the forecast period 2023-2030, the poker market will grow at a CAGR of 12%. The revenue generation showcases how players are associating with this game.

However the game is popular, but still, certain circumstances and situations become unavoidable in this game. Well, bad beats in the poker game depend on one out of two things:

  • If the player is a statistical favorite but loses the match because of the opponent. The player will improve later by hitting through the few cards he requires.
  • Secondly, if the poker player loses to a powerful poker hand, it relates to the board texture and the rising possibilities of the best hands to make.

The cooler hand in poker games focuses on the strong players who possess the money in both hands because they are players of extreme strength. Few players who are Pros in this line also include the luck factor in poker bad beats. In online poker, you are playing with yourself; in an offline casino, it will be with players. So, the occurrence of bad beats in poker games increases.

Actionable Tips To Overcome Bad Beats In Poker Game

1. Take a Break

Players often end up with bad beats because they do not take a break and catch their breath. They are always engrossed in playing, which may wear them out. If you have already suffered a bad beat, run, drink your favorite smoothie or juice from the refrigerator, or walk around in your room. 

Players deep in the poker tournament can practice these little things and not let their time bank expire. A 5-minute break will let you clear your head, and you can sit back to resume your game. Players playing live dealer poker games can behold the table and leave for 2-3 minutes to splash cold water on their faces. 

2. Appreciate the Bad Beat

Are you wondering why? Well, let us tell you, if you never experience the bad beat in poker, you will never receive the best hand, too. Without luck, poker does not exist. If only the favorite players always win, underdogs will never get a chance. Luck is the price that the best players are paying for being the favorite, as they can experience bad beats at any moment.

If you get a bad beat in poker next time, shift your perspective. A poker table is not the end of your life. Be ready for new challenges and new beginnings in your life.

3. Understand the Equation of Poker

The most important thing a poker player must understand is that the equation or equity of winning needs to be understood. Let’s take an example if your holding pocket has aces and your opponent has the lower pair. It means you have an edge over your competitor and a better chance of winning the game. Here comes the situation of equity. You must never forget that if you had an 80% chance of winning the poker game, your opponent still has a 20% chance. You must always remember that bad beats happen, and they can lead to the turning of tables at any time.

4. Follow Logic

Focus on the gaming process instead of the result. You must be logical enough when it comes to betting in a poker game. Let’s make you understand through an example. You got the preflop with QQ against the one whose QJ is suited. You have 80% win at hand.

However, another player has a QJ suit, which means the opponent will win 1 in every 5-hand played in the tournament. The opponent will rise between the game many times, and you must be logical enough to understand your stand in the game. The expert players analyze the whole game and series of tournaments to ensure they have bet the right hand.

One thing that a good poker player must understand is never to show emotions. Even if you have received a bad beat in online poker, maintain your cool and analyze the game properly. It will lead you to a winning spree.

5. Skills Play a Huge Part

Most poker players are playing in big tournaments based on their skills. Luck is part of a poker game, but you cannot deny the data and calculations involved. Most people think that the bad beats happen with the beginners, but they occur with the professional players who are Pros in their field. You cannot forget that you are playing the game with the opponent.

However, bad beats will encourage you to play the game with data and calculations. It will help you acknowledge how you can dominate your opponent’s hand. Sucking out is the term for bad beats used by the favorite players. So, follow a gaming etiquette to beat the ‘bad beats’ in the game.

Choose Your Moves Quite Patiently In Poker!

We do not discuss the bad beats when discussing the poker game because it is seen as the blot in the player’s gaming session. Bad beats help you learn the other side of the game, including defeat. It will help you to keep an eye on your opponent’s move. Maybe you can take a break and jump back with more zeal in the game. Visit to learn more.

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