10 Peace Bringing Rakhi Tied by Every Brother

The state of peace and war are compelling forces that shapes life itself. Sisters seek to guide their brothers toward a destiny of celebrated victory, overturning the odds in their favour in a fleeting life. 

With the act of tying the Rakhi on the right wrist of the brothers, the brother’s fate is sealed in divine peace and protection. So here are the 10 Peace Bringing Rakhi that every brother must tie:

1. Swastik Rakhi:

One of the most ancient symbols of Hinduism, the swastika stretches in the four cardinal directions. It symbolizes good health and well-being in all directions. You can buy swastik rakhi from Rakhibazaar in gold, silver, seeds, and embroidered designs. This beautifully designed Rakhi depicts honour for brother’s well-being for celebrations.

2. Ganesha Rakhi:

The auspicious deity of elephant god Ganesha has been the remover of obstacles and is worshipped with great faith at the beginning of every pooja. In silver, the motif of Ganesh is blessed with the knotted rakhi to hold the best wishes of every sister for her brother. Even Gold Ganesh’s luck would shine eternally with prosperity with a diamond-studded like a stargazer of fortunes.

3. Hanuman Rakhi:

This is immemorial of Hanuman’s strength in devotion. He could move the mountains to find a medicinal herb named “sanjevani.” With Hanuman Rakhi, unconditional love so strongly designed in the durable bracelet of Rudraksha or a timeless antique of the copper carved motif of Hanuman would be inspirational for peace and strength.

4. The Lotus Rakhi:

Represented as the flower of awakening in spirituality. The Hindu tradition is devoted to this sacred awakening of Lotus, best depicted in precious silver rakhi, and rose quartz, garnet for semi-precious stone studding.

5. Om Rakhi:

The sound of “Om “is rooted in the vibrant sound of life and is considered to be the most sacred in the Hindu tradition. With the radiance of golden colour, the miraculous rakhi is auspicious when crafted by the smiths, so Send Handcrafted rakhi by Rakhi Bazaar.

6. Peacock Rakhi:

The most auspicious animal in Hindu mysticism. The peacock is associated with Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, and is identified with the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. Patiently crafted in the most intricate design done by hands, it is gifted in Gold, Meenakari, Navratna stones, Silver, and Bracelet Rakhi, with diamonds and sparkling beads.

7. Mandala Rakhi:  

In Hinduism, a mandala is a yantra that takes the form of a square containing a circle with a centre point. Exhibit radial balance. Mandala Rakhi is crafted by hand in universal harmony. It has been adored in meenakari Designs, Kundan, and Zardozi rakhi to bring intricate, symmetrical, meditative designs.

8. Mauli Rakhi:

Produced from organic cotton, the Mauli Thread of Rakhi is usually hand spun and made in pure cotton. The vibrant colours of red, yellow, and orange are auspicious to Hindu tradition, and centrally, the mauli rakhi is dyed with natural materials, turmeric, and madder roots. Hence, mauli rakhi has medicinal properties.

9. Bal Krishna Rakhi:

The playful Bal Krishna rakhi symbolizes the cherished bond between siblings as they grow up together. Every colourful bead vibrantly highlights the beauty of the most sacred child. This avatar of Vishnu in Bal Krishna is to be adorned in pure and plated gold, stitched gold in thread of silk, and antique gold with the most promising designs for the brother.

10. Rudraksha Rakhi:

When you buy a Rudraksha Rakhi for bhai (brother), it’s important to ensure its authenticity. This type of rakhi is known for its purity and natural seeds drawn from the prayer beads of evergreen trees. The design is intended to captivate material and spiritual focus and serve as a compelling force for all. It’s a positive and transformative addition to one’s life, so consider gifting this rakhi.


The sacred thread of Rakhi symbolizes the protection a sister seeks from her brother on Raksha Bandhan, as he becomes her armour.

If you are looking for a Rakhi symbol that enriches peace on your sacred thread, you can easily place an order for the best auspicious designs at Rakhi Bazaar. And symbolize the unconditional love, strengthened by divinely graceful and faithfully, peace bringing Rakhis.

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